The HMC is the brainchild of co-founders Faye Bontje and current Music Director, John Bogardus. Faye and John originally met through the King’s Chapel Choir in 2009, and teamed up to form the King’s College Orchestra (KCO) later that year. Initially a school society, the KCO grew faster than anyone could have expected, flourishing in the cultural niche it had only just begun to fill. In short order the KCO had expanded to include a full orchestra and several chamber groups, each performing regularly throughout the year.

With its inclusive, accessible approach to music education, and its infectious blend of passion, positivity, and commitment to the pursuit of excellence over perfection, KCO membership grew steadily over the next two years to eventually include a string ensemble, a wind ensemble, and a professional faculty of music coaches offering subsidized instruction on a wide range of instruments.

After two years of continuous growth, it was clear that the KCO’s vision, mandate, and membership exceeded the scope of a university society. The KCO would become the Halifax Music Co-op, incorporating as a provincially registered non-profit in the summer of 2012. The Halifax Music Co-op currently has a membership of about 180 people, and proudly runs three orchestras, a wind ensemble, almost 15 chamber groups, and a larger faculty offering subsidized lessons on an even wider range of instruments. New programs launch every term.