Supporting the HMC

The Halifax Music Cooperative – or “The HMC”, is a feisty and passionate not-for-profit organization which brings a forward-thinking perspective to music access, music education and music-making to the residents of the Halifax Regional Municipality. Access and inclusion are at the heart of what we do, and passion is key.

Take a moment to learn more About the HMC.

The HMC could not provide the level of accessibility it does, without the kind support and generosity of  the community we proudly serve.

We have developed a How You Can Help sheet to illustrate some of the many ways that individuals, groups, families, local businesses and community organizations can support the HMC. One of those ways, is simply telling your family and friends about us, and sharing that sheet within your network! Thank you!

Some of the ways you or someone you know, can show their support:

Social Media: Like or Follow us on vents and Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn., YouTube  Share our pages, posts, channel and events.  

Supplies and Equipment:  Assist the HMC by donating or helping us to acquire cleaning, maintenance, office and music/instrument supplies that we would other have to purchase.

Do you know an individual or business which..: May wish to Sponsor the HMC?  Provide goods and services to the HMC for operations, promotions, event-management, membership benefit, re-sale/raffle for proceeds? Requires musicians for events or facility space for rent?  Is willing to host HMC concert tickets for sale for us?  Put us in touch!

Donate and Instrument: Key to accessibility, is having instruments available for those who may not otherwise be able to acquire one on their own. Do you or anyone you may know have an instrument they are willing to donate?

Recommend us: Do you know someone in your network who may be interested in becoming a member, or who could benefit from music lessons from our faculty?  Are there members of your family, friends, social or professional networks that could benefit from learning about the HMC?

Purchase our content:

Select HMC performances are available on Bandcamp with new content being added regularly.  Check it out and enjoy the show…again!  

Monthly giving:

Through Patreon, the HMC offers a secure and easy way for our supporters to donate monthly for as little as $1.

Come to our shows and help us sell tickets:

The HMC relies heavily on the sale of Concert Tickets to our performances throughout the year to fund its programming and make that programming as accessible as possible.  We would love to see you come out enjoy the show, but you can also help us by hosting or selling tickets on our behalf.

Financial support:

The HMC accepts in-person donations in the form of cash, check or credit-card at the HMC Space, located at 2164 Barrington Street, Halifax. E-transfer/PayPal donations are also accepted via

Sponsorship opportunities:

Please see our section on Sponsorship for more information on the wide variety of options the HMC offers to local businesses who wish to increase access and create additional opportunities for music-education within our community.

Thank You!

From all of us at the HMC, we would like to take this opportunity to Thank you for taking the time to review this section of our site, and for anything you do to support our mission and mandate.  Support can come in so many ways, and we appreciate each and every gesture.