Happen. Here.

The HMC Space is a 2,400 sq. ft, three-story gymnasium with a beautiful wood-paneled ceiling and 200 person capacity – ideal for many kinds of events.  As our programming does not run 24/7, we make the space available to local organizations, small and micro-business, artistic, cultural and community groups in need of an affordable rental venue.

Have a look!  The HMC Space can be your space – as a Meeting Venue  and/or a Performance Venue

Get in touch!  bookings@thehmc.ca

Meet and Do Business Here:

Local Business & Micro-Business: The HMC is a proud supporter of local business and want to do our part to make yours more successful and sustainable.  Our Space is ideal for small/micro-business pop-ups and pop-up markets, small fairs, product launches, galleries and showcase events.

Learn, Here.: A great place for workshops, seminars, training courses, skills-development programs, language courses social-enterprise programming and a variety of other community programs.

Meet. Here.: A great place for community meetings, town-halls and AGM’s.

Events and Performances:

With a 150-seat capacity high and vaulted ceilings, strong acoustics and an open-concept layout, the HMC Space is ideal to host a wide variety of events and performances:

Performances: Music, theater, visual arts, dance, cultural and other performances, as well as rehearsals and auditions.

Readings & Releases: Poetry and book readings; book, music and product releases. As well as documentary and other indie film screenings.

Workshops and Exchanges: Arts and cultural workshops, seminars and cultural/social exchanges.

Video and Film Production and Community Fundraising Events

Your event or event-style not listed?  

Get in touch with us at bookings@thehmc.ca for more information or to discuss if the HMC Space is right for you and your event needs.

Thanks for taking the time to check us out!