Sistema NS is a social program that focuses on youth empowerment and engagement through learning and performing music. The program engages children of high priority based on socioeconomic circumstances.

For any questions you may have related to Sistema NS, you may direct them to Lucas Denison, our Director of Sistema.

“Whoever creates beauty by playing an instrument and generating musical harmony begins to understand from within what essential harmony is…human harmony”
– Abreu

The HMC’s approach to music education, and our broader mission of music for social change, is based on the El Sistema model. Founded in 1975 by Venezuelan musician and economist Jose Antonio Abreu, El Sistema is a publicly funded music education program currently serving approximately 350,000 of Venezuela’s poorest children. Abreu believes that music education can unite an entire community, and that children should be exposed to ensemble music education as early as possible. The HMC is working tirelessly towards achieving the shared goal of universally available music education in our community.