The HMC is a fiery non-profit determined to make ensemble music accessible to everybody in Halifax.

The goals of the HMC are:

  • To provide a fun, safe, welcoming environment where musicians of all ages and skill levels can play great music together
  • To help our members grow, not just as musicians, but as individuals
  • To ensure that all members have access to quality learning opportunities, regardless of financial situation
  • To challenge the conventional definitions of what an ensemble can be through adventurous, collaborative programming

We deeply believe that the we are greater than the sum of our parts, and that if we can inspire our members to realize just how talented, powerful, and important they really are, that confidence will radiate out into their daily lives in countless ways.

“The HMC is a godsend for people like me: people who love music and will always love music, but aren’t music students or professional musicians. The opportunity to play classical music in groups doesn’t really exist for many people after they reach adulthood. It’s not cheap to own classical instruments, it’s certainly not cheap to take lessons in most cases. Access to classical music is just not there unless there are community groups providing that access.” – Mark Rendell, Violin

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