Interested in private instruction? The HMC offers private lessons for anything we have teachers for, only $25/hour.

Anyone can take private lessons from an HMC teacher. All ages, all skill levels, all welcome here at the HMC. Lessons are made affordable to the public through donations, ticket sales, and funding. For just $25/hour you can learn a new instrument, pick up your instrument you have been meaning to play for years, or continue with instruction. Lessons are scheduled according to your schedule and your teacher’s schedule, and can be as often as you want.

To be set up with a teacher and private lesson instruction, email

Want to up your game? The HMC offers private music lessons to members for only $10/hour.

HMC members who are currently playing in an ensemble have access to our subsidized private lesson program. Each lesson is taught by a member of the HMC faculty, and costs $10/hour to the student. The total cost of a private lesson is $25, $15 of which is covered by the HMC in order to keep the cost of the lessons as low as possible.

The HMC faculty is a team of friendly and talented musicians that changes from term to term.┬áThat means that we don’t always have teachers for every instrument, but we are still here to support you. Every rehearsal is jam-packed with learning opportunities, and if you need help with a tricky fingering or advice on how to tackle a difficult passage, there’s always someone there to help you out.

Email if you have any questions about our lesson program.