A living colossus. The power and prowess he uses to manipulate the tenor saxophone is unmatched. Sonny Rollins is one of the most influential jazz saxophonists in history. Meanwhile, a drummer from Philadelphia lays down a shuffle like no one’s heard before; his name is Art Blakey. His jazz messengers also include two legendary pianists: Bobby Timmons and Horace Silver.


But who are our legends? What names will we look back to, years from now? The HMC’s first All female ensemble focuses its lens back home, here in Canada and Nova Scotia. You’ll hear music from names you already know, like Joni Mitchell, and from inspirational women in Nova Scotia, like Ally Fiola, Breagh MacKinnon, and Sam Wilson.


Generations Vol. II. is the second in a series to explore various eras of music in a small ensemble setting. Each Combo is focused on presenting music related to one of the themes above. The HMC and Director of Combos, Lucas Denison, are proud to present the advanced level ensembles of the combo program at the HMC. Entrance to the Generations Series will be by donation.