Planes fly overhead a grungy Junior Ranks Mess in England. It’s 1940. From the corner you hear the familiar voice of Vera Lynn singing, We’ll Meet Again. It Reminds you of Home. Years later, in late March of 1965 Herbie Hancock enters the studio to record his fifth album on the blue note label. Born from New Orleans, the sounds of the great trumpeter, Louis Armstrong, are so powerful they rip through time itself. Its ripples can be felt in music all over North America, the world, and back home in New Orleans.


In modern time, a promising young musician reaches for their phone; through a few taps, they are immersed in this history, this music and in all things previously unavailable with such ease.


Generations Vol. I is the first in a series to explore various eras of music in a small ensemble setting. Each combo is focused on presenting music related to one of the themes above. Lucas Denison, and each of the HMC Combos are excited to present their study of this music to the public. Entrance to the Generations Series will be by donation.