Fall 2017 Crowdfunding Campaign

Thank you to all who supported ourĀ Fall 2017 Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

Thank you to our awesome campaign donors like:

  • Ted Barager
  • Chrystal Gray
  • Mike Kennedy
  • Jeffrey Komar
  • Genevieve MacIntyre
  • Carrie MacMillan
  • Kristina McMillan
  • Melanie Nadeau
  • Scott Pickup
  • Pineo & Loeb
  • krobson0689
  • David Wright

The HMC is now on Patron!

A new way of supporting the HMC is through Patreon, an excellent and established crowd-funding platform used by many content creators. Become a HMC patron by going to:

Thank you to our Patreon supporters: James Shaw, Stephanie Pronk, Chrystal Gray, Petar Markovich, Richard Townsend

E-Transfers can be sent to

The HMC is a provincially registered non-profit. We are currently applying for a federal charity registration number to enable us to issue tax receipts, but in the meantime, no amount is too small.

In December, 2012, we ran our first-ever fundraising campaign. Using the internet and word-of-mouth to raise awareness about the HMC and our mission, we raised nearly $8,000 with the generous support of our community.

In November-December 2014 we ran a second fundraising campaign where we raised over $8,000 with the generous support of our community.

Every $1 of support goes to providing subsidized lessons to our members, available and working instruments for our members and the community, and in general just keeping the HMC alive.

Bandcamp Collage

Another way you can help support the HMC is by purchasing one of our past recordings. Every concert we do is recorded and uploaded for the public, community orchestras and choir doing real rep! To view our albums and download your music check out the Halifax Music Co-op on Bandcamp.


We’d like to thank the following people (along with everyone who helped us by donating and by getting the word out) for their contributions to our campaign and for their generosity of spirit.

Adrien Fran

Doug Wilson

Cassandra Morton

Bethany Hindmarsh

Peter Biro

Mark Rendell

The Erhard family

Lorraine Davies

Elisabeth Bachem

Elisabeth Gold

Rebecca Davies Wilson

Craig Smith

Jennifer Duchesne

Clint Wilson

Julia Duchesne

Ginger Wilson

Every cent directly supports accessible music education for everyone in Halifax. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.