Rilla Banks
Legal Representative

Rilla Banks (1)

Rilla is an Associate Lawyer with the law firm BOYNECLARKE LLP in Dartmouth. She grew up in Truro, Nova Scotia where she discovered her passion for music and her appreciation for ensemble music accessibility through the CEC band program. Rilla studied flute performance atDalhousie University. She went on to obtain her Common and Civil Law degrees from McGill University, and was called to the Nova Scotia bar in June 2015. Rilla is eager to combine her enthusiasm for both music and law by participating on the board of the Halifax Music Co-op.

Having stepped out of the competitive boxing ring, Rilla still hits the heavy bag when she has the chance and has recently developed an interest in Olympic lifting. In the wintertime, she can be found next to a wood stove with a book of poetry in one hand and a hot chocolate in the other.


Viviane Brochot
Education Representative


Viviane grew up in Lyon, a city in southeastern France. After graduating high school, she received a DEUG and Bachelor of Arts in Literature and linguistics and a Master of Arts in translation and Literature from the Université Jean Moulin Lyon III. She then moved to Nova Scotia to teach at Dalhousie University while completing a Master’s degree in Literature. She has since taught at Dalhousie University, Mount Saint Vincent University, and The Alliance Française.

She is currently coordinating the language training program at CFB Halifax. She joined the HMC in the fall of 2014 and has been singing ever since in both choirs. Viviane is looking forward to working with the fantastic HMC staff to expand the education program.

When she is not singing soprano in the HMC Vesuvius Choir and the HMC Choir, Viviane spends her time baking, swimming, watching her favorite soccer team and playing video games on her Wii.


Jordan Hachey
Jordan Hachey (1) Jordan grew up in a small town in New Brunswick and moved to Halifax about 15 years ago. Although not fortunate enough to be musically inclined himself, Jordan has a deep appreciation for live music and enjoys many of the live music venues throughout Halifax. He feels that the music education provided by the Halifax Music Coop can help to create rising stars for Halifax. Jordan sits on the Halifax Music Coop Board of Directors as the Treasurer.  He hopes to work closely with staff and HMC members so that the Board of Directors can help the HMC achieve its goals.  Jordan hopes his caffeine-fuelled enthusiasm for all financial matters will allow the HMC to continue to grow successfully. As a North End resident, Jordan feels the need to promote success stories like the HMC to foster community spirit in the North End.

Some of his hobbies include biking around the Aspotogan loop, skiing the slopes in Wentworth, and seeking out Halifax’s best cup of coffee.


Ryan McNutt
Communications and Public Relations Representative


Ryan McNutt is a public relations professional and freelance writer based in Halifax, with more than 10 years of experience helping tell the stories of researchers, rock stars and everyone in between.
As a senior communications advisor at Dalhousie University, Ryan oversees the university’s primary news publication (Dal News) and contributes to strategic communications planning, internal communications, media relations and various other functions. In his freelance work, Ryan has written critically about music and pop culture for outlets including The Walrus, Maisonneuve, Exclaim!, AUX, Chartattack and the Coast. He has been a jury member for the Juno Awards, the East Coast Music Awards and the Polaris Music Prize, in 2013 serving on the Polaris grand jury. Some of his notable volunteer commitments have included the Atlantic Film Festival and the 2011 Canada Winter Games, where he served as co-chair of athletes’ entertainment.
Ryan has a Bachelor of Arts degree (History and English) from Acadia University, an Advanced Diploma in Public Relations from NSCC and a Master of Arts in Musicology from Dalhousie.

Heather MacDonald
Volunteer Coordination Representative
Heather brings a multidisciplinary approach to her work having worked in training, facilitation and program development for organizations such as Junior Achievement, YMCA, and Scouts Canada. During the course of her career, she has partnered with corporate organizations, governments, non-profit organizations, and small businesses. Heather’s deeply rooted passion for leadership, her work ethic, and her desire to help others comes from growing up in an entrepreneurial family in rural Nova Scotia. Her love for life-long learning reflects a determination to help clients, whether organizations or individuals, succeed.

Heather has a Recreation Management degree from Acadia University with minors in Business and Music. She recently graduated from the Executive MBA program at Saint Mary’s University. Heather was selected to participate in the 21 Leaders for the 21st Century Program. Better known as 21 inc., which is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to fostering entrepreneurial leaders, who are under the age of 40, across Atlantic Canada. Heather is also an active volunteer with Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon, FUSION Halifax, The Empathy Factory, and Scouts Canada.


Scott Pickup 
Vice-Chair, Legal Representative
Scott Pickup
Scott is a lawyer with Stewart McKelvey in Halifax, and works in the areas of general corporate commercial, commercial litigation and entertainment law. He focuses on the music side of his entertainment practice, where he has extensive experience as a musician, sound engineer, DJ, talent booker, and radio personality.

Outside of work, Scott enjoys playing music with pals, golfing, and sailing.



Stephanie Pronk
Chair, Human Resources Representative

Stephanie PronkStephanie helps organizations understand their passion and purpose, and provides clear direction on the plan(s) needed in order to achieve social and financial success. Stephanie currently manages business operations for Common Good Solutions Inc., including: staff management, recruitment and selection, process engineering, customer relationship management, event management, graphic design and website design, program management, and the creation of an online learning management system. She also helps with consulting and research projects as needed.

Stephanie graduated from Saint Mary’s University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations, minoring in Psychology, with some french training. Since then she’s completed consultant training from leading North American consultant Carter MacNamara, and applied leadership training through Bluteau DeVinney. She was recently part of the 21 Leaders program in Nova Scotia, also called 21 Inc.

In her spare time, Stephanie plays flute for the Halifax Music Co-op, and hopes to one day channel the creative flute energy of Ian Anderson. You can reach Stephanie directly at


LaMeia Reddick
Community “Kinnector”
LaMeia a Community Engagement consultant that specializes in creating the conditions for people to build strong relationships to do good work together. Her business is built around a concept that she named Kinnected Leadership. Kinnected Leadership is about creating and sustaining a collaborate culture of excellence that serves and empowers future generations.

As a multi-talented leader with over 12 years of experience working in the field of community organizing, LaMeia believes that there is no problem too big to solve when there’s a genuine will to do things better and a commitment to working together. Some of her works includes providing clients an opportunity to explore ways they can take the first step towards being more inclusive and effective in their service delivery. Other projects include facilitating sessions with youth about choices and peer pressure.

LaMeia is often called a ‘Bridge Builder’, someone who holds that space between institution and community. She often get calls when organizations want to reach out to a certain demographic or have identified that they need to do more to connect to the community. Her work ensures that organizations feel empowered in their approach to engage community. We’re thrilled that LaMeia is stepping into the position of Community “Kinnector” with the Halifax Music Co-op to assist with better serving and collaborating in the community in which we live – North End Halifax.