A schedule will be provided at the beginning of each term. It is your responsibility to arrange your schedule so that you can be present for all of your rehearsals, sectionals, dress rehearsals, and concerts. That said: life happens. We don’t want anyone to get hurt, and we certainly don’t want stoicism to overrule common sense.

Good reasons to be absent include: serious physical or mental illness, weddings, funerals, being trapped in an elevator, unsafe weather, alien abductions, etc.

Bad reasons to be absent include: club meetings, homework due the next day, groceries, that play you’ve been wanting to see, picking up a friend from the airport, because you just don’t feel like it, etc.

All absences should be reported well in advance to admin@thehmc.ca

This is not a drop-in activity.  Being a member of an ensemble means making a commitment to each other in order to achieve something as a team.  As concerned as we may be if you are absent without a good explanation, it’s not the HMC staff you’ll be letting down – it’s your fellow musicians.


If you are unable to attend a private lesson with an HMC faculty member, you must call, text, or email your teacher 24 hours in advance. In the case of an emergency, please do your best to let the teacher know what’s happening as soon as possible, even if the lesson time has already elapsed.

We are not a music conservatory – our teachers go out of their way to schedule lessons around their other full-time jobs and studies. Skipping lessons without contacting your teacher is unacceptable. If happens more than once, you will no longer be eligible for the member subsidy (you will be responsible for the full price of $25/hour). If the problem continues, you will no longer be eligible to take lessons through the HMC.