About the Halifax Music Co-Op

How it all began: The HMC Story

The HMC’s: Mission and Values:

The Halifax Music Cooperative – or “The HMC”, is a feisty and passionate not-for-profit organization which brings a forward-thinking perspective to music access, music education and music-making to the residents of the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Accessibility is at the heart of our mission and is a guiding principle in every goal we set and endeavor we undertake. Our mission: To provide access to high-quality music education for instrumentalists of all ages, backgrounds, financial circumstances and skill-levels; and to do so in a safe, positive and collaborative community- environment, where everyone feels welcome, comfortable and connected.

At the HMC, everybody gets in!  We whole-heartedly believe that everyone has the right and thereby should have the opportunity to not only pursue an affordable and high-quality music education, but to do so participating in a positive, community and development-driven way. Together, we are greater than the sum of our parts.  If we can inspire our members to realize their individual potential and strength, while helping them realize their contribution to something greater than themselves, we can help our members build confidence and grow both as individuals but contributing members of our community.

With pay-what-you can membership and subsidized musical lessons taught by our experienced and engaged faculty, ensemble play, end-of-term performances and an ever-growing instrument library for member use we are helping create more opportunities for more individuals every year.  With the kind support of our community we continue to improve our space, secure more music and experienced mentors, and recruit and develop more members who would not otherwise have the opportunity or the resources to take part.

The HMC is well-known not only for creating opportunity for music education, but for delivering quality music performances throughout the year as well. The HMC proudly presents nearly 50 in-house performances per year (over three main annual terms), in addition to numerous external concerts as well. Stay up to date on social media, for details. The HMC Space also serves as community venue, supporting art, culture, theater and music needs of our community. We are also working with small and micro-business in the area to facilitate a pop-up and pop-up market space to support their growth and expansion.



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